Please see my Speech in Parliament today on the Motion regarding the release of @PeterGreste http://www.teresagambaro.com/content/motion-%E2%80%93-release-peter-greste …



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Good policy does not happen in a vacuum. It will not magically appear out of thin air. And while the logic of this statement might seem self-evident and obvious, the highly regrettable combative nature of our political environment can make the achievement of this goal seemingly impossible.

Saturday’s Queensland election, the 2014 Victorian election and the 2013 Federal election have one thing in common, voter backlash against governments that failed to listen. Any political figure who has failed to understand this message should find another line of work. We need to embrace a new way of governing.

The benefits stemming from Australia’s Free Trade Agreement with Japan will be felt right across Brisbane, with local businesses and consumers set to reap the rewards of the deal, the Hon Teresa Gambaro, Federal Member for Brisbane said today.

The landmark Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) enters into force today, 15 January 2015, which Ms Gambaro explained, means more than 97 per cent of Australia’s goods exports to Japan will receive preferential access, or enter duty-free, once it’s fully implemented.